Anti-Spam Policy

E&M Preferred Solutions is quite simple. Don’t Do it.

The volunteers, members, and administrators work quite hard to build this organization and make it a family friendly place. We don’t allow spam on our forum and it will be reported and deleted. If you have a relevant product or service that you want to promote, please play by the rules and become a sponsor.

Signature lines:
Members are allowed to place text and/or small family friendly images in their signature lines including links to their own personal blogs or non-commercial websites.

Only registered “Sponsor Members” will be allowed to have commercial links or banners in their signature line. To become a Sponsor Member go here:

E&M Preferred Solutions Sponsors
Sponsor members must also have a “Sponsor Member” tag so that they are recognized as sponsors on our forum. Sponsors must also agree to our Anti-Spam policy and must agree not to abuse their privileges on our forum.

Do not use the PM (Private Message) system to send unsolicited commercial messages without prior permission. Any product or service promotions by sponsors to be sent out via PM’s must be approved first.

Do not use members email addresses (if provided) to send unsolicited commercial messages.

Anti-Spam Policy Modifications

E&M Preferred Solutions may revise these Anti-Spam Policy for its Website at any time without notice. By using this Website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Anti-Spam Policy.

*** NOTE: If you violate this Policy You WILL be Banned from this Site.. ***